VoIP Telephony

Talia can provide clients with end-to-end IP telephony services, known as VoIP or ‘Voice over IP’, so you can make and receive telephone calls via your internet connection.

The benefits of VoIP systems include lower call costs, easier to install, maintain and configure and greater scalability. With workforces becomes more mobile, VoIP enables your employees to use the same number wherever they go from desktop to mobile.

Talia offers a fully resilient cloud voice platform service, that can be deployed in multiple geographically diverse data centres, peered with communications networks such as PSTN, the standard phone line as well as Talia's MPLS network, and the internet. Clients have the option of connecting to Talia's Cloud via a private MPLS network or via the internet. Where clients connect to the Cloud via a Talia connection, whether Satellite, Microwave or Fibre, we provide additional QoS from the client site to the Cloud.

Engineering teams
Our field engineering teams are available for installation, maintenance and repair of your ICT systems.

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