Internet of Things

Transforming business with connected devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming businesses around the world. When technology is able to connect and provide realtime data, IoT solutions can help you improve operational efficiencies, help employees work more safely and engage with customers more effectively.
Vehicle Telematics
Providing you with details of vehicle locations, driving conditions. In addition, more advanced devices can perform tasks on remote objects, such as engine status, fuel monitoring and locking doors.
CCTV Surveillance & Monitoring
Talia's integrated surveillance and analytics solutions provide comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective monitoring for your business to increase incident response time. With additional access control, provide remote management of secure locations.

Smart Cities
Create a safer, more efficient smart city with connected devices. With data from multiple sources you can manage traffic flow, security, pollution and more with IoT solutions from Talia.
Engineering teams
Our field engineering teams are available for installation, maintenance and repair of your ICT systems.

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