Fleet Telematics Systems

Advanced Satellite or GSM systems for locating and tracking remote assets

Vehicle Tracking Solutions from Talia

Today, telematics solutions are transforming fleet management and performance, helping companies accelerate into the future with optimised assets and operations. Talia's Business Fleet delivers connected fleet intelligence to empower your business decisions.

Tracking and monitoring assets, especially on the move has traditionally been a complex process. As operations spread into remote territories, it is increasingly vital to rely on solutions that are simple, flexible and affordable.

Talia provides a range of tracking devices from simple plug and play trackers with a variety of connectivity methods in a variety of configurations to suit any application.

Alongside tracking, more advanced devices can perform tasks on remote objects, such as engine status, fuel monitoring and locking doors. 

In case of loss of communications, devices are able to store collected data and once the connection is re-established the device will upload data. 

TrackGSM provides vehicle tracking and security functionality using the GSM network.

The robust system and interoperability renders it a top-class solution for wide-scale, often mobile operations in sectors like transportation, government, energy and utilities, agriculture and mining.

Track devices are low power consumption and are configurable to provide a variety of data acquisition. 

TrackGSM can provide fleet management functionality when used in conjunction with TrackScan, our monitoring solution. 

The TrackSat's satellite terminal addresses the challenges with robust IoT communications capabilities. The terminal allows smarter, more streamlined and automated data capture over both satellite and GSM networks. 

TrackSat's automated network mode selection is determined by least cost routing which ensures unrivalled total cost of ownership. TrackSat's facilitates actionable data delivery right to the operator or manager, thereby improving asset performance and driving process efficiency. The terminal is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, vibration and shock.

TrackSat is an end-to-end solution which enables the simultaneous collection of data from multiple points and sources including location information, data from external sensors and peripheral devices, and input gathered from vehicle or heavy equipment. 

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